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Photo Journalism™ (AEP0220235)

Frame the World, Capture the Moment: Journey into the Art of Photography


A picture speaks a thousand words. Step into the dynamic world of storytelling through images with our Photo Journalism workshop. Designed for both aspiring photojournalists and photography enthusiasts, this course offers a hands-on exploration of the principles and practices of photojournalism. Learn how to capture compelling images that communicate powerful narratives and evoke emotional responses. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the process of researching, planning, and executing photo stories across various genres and subjects. From news events and documentary projects to human-interest stories and social issues, discover how to use photography as a tool for social commentary and storytelling. Develop your technical skills in composition, lighting, and photo editing, while also honing your journalistic instincts for ethical reporting and storytelling accuracy. Through a combination of lectures, demonstrations, and practical assignments, you'll gain the knowledge and confidence to pursue a career in photojournalism or simply tell impactful stories through your photographs. Students will complete 1 or 2 photo journalistic projects showing appreciation for layout skills and creative writing expression. Outline: • Handling a digital camera • Shooting technique • Picture composition • Introduction to the use of images in articles • Photo taking sessions • Introduction to Microsoft Word • Creating a short article • Presentation of photo journal

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