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Manga Art (AEP0620764)

Drawing Dreams, Crafting Worlds: Your Manga Journey Begins Here!


Manga Art is a form of Japanese cartoon/comic/novel/graphic, a novel that depicts storytelling in a distinctive nihon style. The art and appreciation of Manga is considered a different genre of comic cult in today's society. Students will be introduced to the history of Manga culture. They will also learn and understand the different genres of Manga. They will gain knowledge on the physics of draperies and folds and explore on creating or re-creating costumes and props for their characters. Essentially, they will also be taught how to “dress” up their characters. The theory of panelling in Manga and methods to colour rendering to develop their techniques to lighting, tones and shadings will be taught. They are required to complete their manga art piece in 1-page full colour Manga Character Design, to a standard, suitable for publishing. Outline: • History of Manga, the origins and how it has evolved to what it is today • Characteristics of drawing a Manga character • Creating a proper Manga page with panel design • Story flow and usage of text • Hands-on draw techniques • Methods to render using traditional tools and/or digital application

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