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Cyber Art™ (AEP0220231)

Enter the Digital Pixel Canvas: Master the Artistry of Cyber Creations


Cyber Art™ and digital art are closely related, they represent exciting and rapidly evolving fields that continue to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the digital age. Whether creating stunning visual compositions or immersive interactive experiences, artists in both realms are harnessing the power of technology to redefine the possibilities of artistic expression. Cyber Art™ combines technology, creativity, and innovation to produce mesmerizing digital experiences that challenge perceptions and ignite imagination. In this hands-on workshop, you'll explore a range of cyber art techniques, including interactive installations, generative art, augmented reality, and virtual reality. Cyber Art™ is an aesthetic perception that students will comprehend while producing their concept. Cyber Art™ holds that art is the interaction between the object and the beholder. It dwells very much into the psychological state of the artist. No other art form can provoke the mental and emotional framework of the artist and reveal the unsurpassed ingenuity in him/her. From digital painting and illustration to photo manipulation and graphic design, our workshop covers a wide range of digital art disciplines. Students can learn to create different version of their very own imaginary masterpiece. They will be taught on refining and clarifying their idea in consideration of the sensitivity of the beholder. Students will understand that the notion of cyber art focuses primarily on conception and perception. Motif art will be the use of repeated design to make geometry of deterministic chaos. From concrete conceptual ideas to perplexity art, students will learn that art form is perceptual and psychological. As for digital graffiti, students are encouraged to do wall painting digitally. It’s about creating art piece by random writing, drawing onto building, public amenities, in an electronic imaginary realm. Students will take photo of a public amenity during the field trip and add graffiti onto it in digital space. Outline: • Introduction to Cyber Culture • Developing the Cyber Art Concept • Motif Design • Digital Graffiti • Presenting the Art Gallery

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