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Creative Textile™ (AEP0620760)

Color Your World, Vivid Creations: Join Our Creative Textile Adventure


Join our Creative Textile™ workshop and dive into the vibrant world of color and design! This hands-on course teaches you the art of textile design, from basic techniques to advanced patterns. Learn how to create stunning, one-of-a-kind textiles using various dyeing methods, including spiral, crumple, silkscreen and shibori. Students will have fun in creating designs that have decorative and expressive qualities on practical work of arts. We will outline step by step process of the technique to show students how they can get into the creative and exciting activities. Each class can opt to do at least 2 techniques of textile design and make it into fashion accessories at the end of the course. Outline: • Introduction to Textile Design & Materials Used • The Different Techniques with Experiments i. Silkscreen ii. Shibori /Tie Dye • Creating Designs • Applying the Designs to Fashion

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