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Colour Psychology Assembly Talk

Unveiling the Power of Hues: Understanding Minds Through Colors


Discover the fascinating world of colour psychology in our engaging and insightful talk. Our Colour Psychology Assembly Talk explores how colors influence emotions, behaviors, and perceptions, impacting everything from marketing and branding to personal well-being. Does blue bring about peace and serenity while red signals passion as well as danger? Is it true that couples quarrel more often in a yellow kitchen? Why do people dress up predominantly in blue around Central Business District on weekdays? Do we work better in a brightly coloured office and enjoy a better rest in a neutral and pastel shaded bedroom? What should we wear for that presentation or interview to last a positive impression? Colour evokes emotions and can dramatically affect moods and feelings. Discover how the properties of colour theory can relate messages, influence reactions, and cause physiological changes in our everyday lives. When combine with appropriate music, it can smooth pain, bring excitement and even raise metabolism. Discover how branded names make use of colours to effectively convey their messages. Finally, ladies may be curious to find out what colour can help them lose weight.

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