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Sand Animation




About the Course

Sand animation is the manipulation of sand particles over an illuminated lightbox to create animation or live sand art drawing performance. Sand art animation is a new style of animations in the decade and one of our most popular NAC AEP workshop. Using sand to recreate a series of scenes conceptualise from your storyboard, combining with elements of traditional animation and performance art, all by using one’s hands. Students will be exposed to creativity thinking concepts, the use of material is one of the key things that may/may not affect the development of their storyline; Because of the reason mentioned earlier; students will not be able to control and manoeuvre the sand particles. Thus, a very detailed storyboard and key frames are required. This forms a critical part of the planning stage. This hands-on workshop will require students to apply the same concept of frame-by-frame animation with the technique of manipulating the sand particles into cinematographic frames from planning to execution. This allows students to explore and pursue their creative and expressive capacities. Students will produce a 30-sec animation complete with basic editing based on their storyboard.

Your Instructor

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