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Cut-Out Animation




About the Course

Cut-Out Animation is another form of stop-motion animation. Also known as paper-cut animation, this technique is similar to Claymation, except that the props used are flat. Generally, the main source of materials used is paper; however, there is really no limit to it. As long and as far as the students’ imagination takes them, one can replace the use of paper with other materials such as cloths or buttons; so long as these materials are flat. Though it may be a flat production on the whole scale, students still need to understand the concept of layers and depth, which can prove to be quite a challenge if they have perspective complex. However, it is overall an alternative form of craft production for the students as they go about slicing, cutting and conceptualising their flat props for their animation storyline. Students will learn that this form of animation has a lot of restrictive movements; students will have to explore ways of expressing certain actions with these restrictions in mind. Students will have to exercise the concept of ad-hoc creativity and alternative flexible thinking. This will of course lead to some quirky action sequence and possibly progress from a drama to comedy. The 'silly' actions caused by the props during production and the fun in it will engage the students and bring out the creative gags out of them. Thus, students will be able to explore and pursue their creative and expressive capacities.

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