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About the Course

Breathing life into art with Claymation and discover the industrial trend in animation - art in movement. Claymation is often used by professional animators, such as the famous animated movies titled Chicken Run, Caroline, Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit and many others, this workshop is now made available to students. Providing a hands-on experience for students to appreciate “the making of” from behind the scene. Students will enjoy the artistic journey in moulding the clay and realizing their creative potential with fun-loving and outstanding trainers. Students will produce a 30-sec animation complete with basic editing based on their storyboard. Animation is a craft of artistic expression accomplished with sheer determination and team effort. Students will not only enjoy the process of producing an impressive animation through the interaction with their team mates, they will also better understand the importance of teamwork. This course helps to foster and strengthen team spirit through effective communication with hands-on experience.

Your Instructor

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